Third Russian-Taiwan School-Seminar on Nonlinear Optics and Photonics
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Third Russian-Taiwan School-Seminar on Nonlinear Optics and Photonics

Map with main places of RTSS-NOP

Third Russian-Taiwan School-Seminar on Nonlinear Optics and Photonics will be held in Vladimir and Suzdal, two medieval Russian towns.

Suzdal and Vladimir are the oldest Russian towns, located in the very center of the European part of the country, in the Heart of Golden Ring of Russia.

Vladimir (180 km Easter from Moscow) was established in Xth century by Saint Vladimir on the high bank of Klyazma river. Its history is reach of great and tragic periods of Russia. Vladimir was the capital of Northern-East Russia and the main Russian town in XII-XIIIth centuries. In the XIII century it was destroyed by the hordes of Mongols. Nevertheless, it held the leadership among Russian towns and remained as the cultural and spiritual center of Russia until the end of XIVth century when the Moscow czars united the Russian lands. Nowadays, it is a beautiful green town, where the modern buildings are adjacent to the pearls of ancient Russian architecture.

Suzdal is a wonderful ancient Russian town with fantastic architectural monuments of the past, located in the Golden Ring area north from Vladimir (30 km). In the XII-XIVth centuries Suzdal was one of the most powerful towns of the ancient Russia. In Suzdal/Vladimir, and in the neighboring territories an architectural style that is characterized by sophisticated proportions and fine design of facades with the arc belt was established. The major monuments representing this architectural style are still with us. Everywhere around the town you may see rising silhouettes of the churches and monasteries with golden cupolas surrounded by the green neighboring. You'll never forget a scene like that on a afternoon just before a furious thunderstorm – sun still shining but clouds as black as night rising in the horizon behind the golden cupolas of a monastery and the fantastic sounds of ringing a church bell somewhere.

Taiwan participants will be met in Domodedovo International Airport and transported to Vladimir by Organizing Committee bus.

Information for self-arriving participants

Meeting place in Vladimir:
Gorkogo str., 87, building 1 of the Vladimir State University, room 335.

If arrive by train or bus to Railway/Bus Station, then you can use municipal trolleybus No.10 or mini-bus No.2 (go to the bus stop "Vladimir State University") or taxi (about 120 roubles per trip).

Trains/Bus timetables:

  • Russian Railways (English, Russian)
  • Moscow Railway Agency (Russian)
  • (Russian)
  • Vladimir/Suzdal bus station (Russian)

    A business trip certificate (командировочное удостоверение) should be issued to the Vladimir State University (ФГБОУ ВПО "Владимирский государственный университет им. А.Г. и Н.Г. Столетовых").

    At the hours of the scientific sessions it is preferable to arrive to the Meeting place. In other cases it is better to go to your hotel.

  • "AMAKS Golden Ring" Hotel is available from Railway/Bus station by trolleybus No.10 or mini-bus No.2 (go to the bus stop "Krasnoarmeiskaya") or by taxi.
  • University Hostel (No.8) is located in about 5 minutes of walk from Meeting place. Its address is: Studencheskaya str., 10B (ул.Студенческая, 10Б).
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