IVOA Interoperability Meeting and Small Project Meeting
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IVOA Interoperability Meeting and Small Project Meeting
Final Announcement

Dear colleagues,

The IVOA Interoperability Meeting & Small Project meeting (SPM) will take place in Moscow, Russia, in September 18 - 22, 2006.

Free transportation from the Moscow airports to hotels will be provided for participants who indicated their flight number and exact time of arrival in the registration form by Sep 7. Upon arrival, please, look at the airport arrival lounge for students with the IVOA
logo poster. In any case we strongly advise you not to use the service provided in the airports by individual drivers.

Free transportation will be also provided from/to the "Universitetskaya" and "Soyuz" hotels from Monday to Friday (see Appendix A below).

All three institutions (RAS-HQ, IoA and SAI) have now wireless Internet access. There is no Internet connection in the hotels.

IMPORTANT! To enter to RAS-HQ participants have to show their passports.

Registration desk will be open in the lobby of the hotel "Universitetskaya" on Monday from 9:00 to 10:30 and in RAS-HQ from 11:00 to 11:30.

We would like to remind you that the hotel adds a fee to your account for preliminary reservation. That fee was paid by the LOC. We ask you to pay that fee (700 RUR = 25 USD = 20 EUR) to a LOC representative during your registration. On the registration desk you
also can pay for the coference banquet (700 RUR = 25 USD = 20 EUR), Tretjakov Gallery excursion (350 RUR = 12 USD = 10 EUR) and Moscow city bus tour (700 RUR = 25 USD = 20 EUR.

Payment on the registration desk can be made in roubles, dollars or euro by cash. Payment for your accomodation and breakfast in the hotels will be accepted only in roubles.

Scientific program can be found at http://www.ivoa.net/twiki/bin/view/IVOA/InterOpSep2006
List of IoA rooms for Sep 19 and Sep 20:

IoA-1: green house, first floor, room 24
IoA-2: yellow house, first floor, room 15
IoA-3: green house, ground floor, room 13

Lunches will be organized for participants in RAS-HQ restaurant on Sep 18, and in a restaurant near SAI on Sep 21 and Sep 22 (this is also a restaurant, where conference banquet will be served on Sep 21 evening). Participants will be also provided with a map
and list of restaurants located near IoA. Payment for the lunch can be made only in roubles.

Money exchange can be made in exchange offices that can be found in the city of Moscow. In airports money exchange can also be made, however, the rate is lower than in the city. It is advisable to have currency in USD or EUR, which can be exchaged almost everythere. Other currency can be exchaged only in Sberegatel'nyj Bank and some others, much less common in Moscow. Big stores and restaurants can accept VISA/Eurocard/AMEX cards.

Conference photo will be taken on Sep 21, 11:00.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if needed:

Oleg Malkov, Institute of Astronomy,
48 Pyatnitskaya St., Moscow 119017 Russia

phone: +7-495-953-1702 (of.)
phone: +7-495-362-2572 (h.)
phone: +7-916-474-7997 (cell)
fax: +7-495-230-2081
e-mail: malkov@inasan.ru

Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow

LOC, Interop SOC & SPM SOC

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    Appendix A.

    Bus transportation for the conference days

    Monday, Sep 18
    10:30 Universitetskaya/Soyuz - RAS-HQ
    17:15 RAS-HQ - Universitetskaya/Soyuz

    Tuesday, Sep 19
    8:30 Universitetskaya/Soyuz - IoA
    17:45 IoA - Universitetskaya/Soyuz

    Wednesday, Sep 20
    8:30 Universitetskaya/Soyuz - IoA
    17:45 Tretjakov Gallery - Universitetskaya/Soyuz

    Thursday, Sep 21
    9:00 Universitetskaya/Soyuz - SAI
    22:15 Restaurant near SAI - Universitetskaya/Soyuz

    Friday, Sep 22
    9:00 Universitetskaya/Soyuz - SAI

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